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About programme

The GeoStar package enables the creation of documentation cards for borehole profiles, dynamic and hydrogeological soundings, as well as the generation of geological sections of selected boreholes or their straight-line projections. The GeoStar package has been developed in a deposit and geological engineering versions. The use of the software cuts the geological documentation preparation time by over 50%, with a proportional drop in the associated costs, and enables digital archiving of all the documents produced for their later modification and further processing. Data input into the program are used to produce all the required documents, including those needed for borehole cards, geological sections and reports, and any corrections made are automatically transferred to all the documents and drawings.
The package has a modular structure, enabling the user to select just the modules needed:

Geological engineering version

1 The package has a modular structure, enabling the user to select just the modules needed. The modules actually offered are given below:
  • Module of database with the researching results of lithology and taken soil specimen. Optional database of dynamic soundings with the calculating module;
  • Hydrogeological borehole database module (wells and piezometers);
  • Standard borehole card module;
  • Defined by the user borehole card module;
  • Borehole card module with all the searching results;
  • Dynamic sounding borehole card module;
  • Module of hydrogeological borehole with the construction of well or piezometer;
  • Module of hydrogeological sections;
  • Reporting module configured according to individual needs;
  • Data import and export module;
  • Lignite analysis module.

2 There is a possibility of creating modules which can carry out special tasks and as well adjusting of existing modules to current needs of the user.

3 Actually there are two package performings offered:
In version 2 (somewhat poorer)
And in version 3 (more extended one).

Geological deposit version

1. This version was made varied for lignite deposits, mineral resource deposits, ceramic deposits and aggregate.

2. The package has modular structure and makes it possible to select modules according to needs. The modules actually offered are given below:
  • Database module with the results of lithology and analysis of chemical specimen taken from boreholes;
  • Hydrogeological boreholes database module (wells and piezometers);
  • Borehole module (it's performings depend on documented deposits);
  • Defined borehole card module;
  • Hydrogeological borehole card module with the construction of 1-4 piezometers);
  • Geological sections module;
  • Reporting module (configured according to individual needs);
  • Data import and export module;
  • Lignite analysis module.

3. It is also possible to create extra modules wnich can realise special tasks in line with the client's demands and as well adjusting of existing modules to current needs of the user.

Geological sections

Creating sections based on boreholes input.


Boreholes profiles

Borehole card is created accordingly to the pattern given by the client and generated by the programme on the basis of the research input.

Advantages of GeoStar programme

  • Many users can work in network, with the same data (GeoStar 5);
  • Entering data quickly and semi uatomatic file creating based on entered information (executing time of making 3 borehole cards with the section is about 15-20 min.);
  • Creation of digital documentation and sending it to a client saved as Word Exel or Cad files;
  • Data correct in the wordsheet corrects all the document created;
  • Enriched hachure libraries are possible to configurate;
  • Open structure is possible to extend and add the modules needed;
  • The option of creating of borehole card patterns;
  • Direct co operation with the other applications of the Soft-Project company;
  • All year technical support with technical retraining of a client are available on demand;
  • Relatively low costs of purchase and putting into practise compared with the other world known products of this group;
  • Free actaulizations during all year;
  • Experience gained during numerous initiations over the country.

General information

  • Saving data in D Base database (GeoStar 3);
  • Or ORACLE/INTERBASE (Geostar 5).

Additional possibilities

  • Export of drawings in DXF format (sections), EMF,WMF;
  • Windows clipboard service;
  • Option of copying of drawings into Word and Excell programmes;
  • Option of section's replacing into Autocad programme (Geostar 5).

System requirements

  • PC running Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, or higher, (98 and Me are not recommended);
  • Procesor Pentium 300 or more;
  • 128 MB RAM minimum;
  • 30 MB of free hard disk space;
  • 1024 x 768 minimum monitor resolution.



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